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About us

About Us

As early as 2008, while owning a large direct response marketing agency, we began to see small companies yearning for a way to handle small sales forces. There is simply no good way to manage 2-15 salespeople. We saw clients dealing with this “diseconomy of sales scale” in one of five ways:

  1. The business owner took time away from CEO-ing to manage the sales force. Since CEOs typically do not like sales management, they invest little time in it and got little results.
  2. No one manages sales. Sure, it was cheap, but none of the benefits of professional sales management can accrue.
  3. Hire a cheap sales manager. This usually ended badly with the owner wishing they had skipped the expense as the person lacked the high-level skills needed.
  4. Hire a skilled sales manager. This solved the skill issue, but the cost of managing each employee was excessive.
  5. Promote a salesperson to a working sales manager. This solution made sense on paper and typically ended very badly. The salesperson stops selling and usually is not a great sales manager. Therefore the company got a double whammy- lost sales and a bad sales manager.

Starting with a handful of customers, mostly our clients in the agency, and then in a larger scale with a PE-owned Marketing and Education company that focused on small to mid-size businesses,  the organization has grown to cover most major markets in the U.S. 

Sales Performance Team and our various programs started with a simple philosophy – high-caliber sales management can move companies to the next level.

Sales Performance Team has the most widely-used Fractional Sales Management™ program available to businesses (powered by our partner SalesQB and National and International Fractional Sales Management Companies). This robust framework helps companies benefit from superstar-caliber sales management at a fraction of the cost.

Since our conception on a long train and plane ride back in 2018 from Italy (we still have the legal pad where we drew up our mind map), we have been adding to our rooster of deliverables and programs, which include Fractional Sales Management, Outsourced Sales Leadership, Outsourced Sales Force, Sales Coaching, Sales Management Coaching, and many more programs.

Nick Loise

Nicholas Loise has been a salesperson, sales leader, successful entrepreneur, marketing and sales executive, Presidents Club winner, speaker, author, and recently Vice President of Sales, President, and Chief Revenue Officer with a company focused on helping small to midsize businesses improve their marketing and sales process, systems and playbooks.

His passion is, and always has been, helping entrepreneurs, businesses, and professional practices market and sell better, faster, and more efficiently to help the owners improve profitability and valuations. Nick achieves this by building integrated sales and marketing processes and systems with a focus on lifetime customer value. Through his work, he has revamped the sales process and marketing processes, created playbooks and introduced new business development plans focused on putting the right strategies and people in place to drive revenue, sales, and customer retention for companies ranging from $1 million to Fortune 100.

Nick’s success is driven by being a salesperson first and foremost. He approaches all problems and opportunities through the lens of how to acquire more customers, sell more to them at higher prices and get them to come back for life. While others talk about this, Nick has actually done it, continues to do it, and works on creating processes and systems so others can replicate this in their businesses. 

He is an author and co-author of many books on sales and marketing, a sought-after speaker, the creator of the educational course: Sales Mastery, How to Create a High Impact Sales Team, author of No BS Guide to Direct Response Marketing and Sales Needle, and ghostwriter to Magnetic Marketing and various other marketing and sales books and courses. He was the co-presenter of the Sales Boot Camps and Marketing Boot Camps focused on helping small- to medium-size businesses sell and market better. Has a Keynote speaker, he has shared the stage with Dan Kennedy, Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, Joe Polish, Barbara Corcoran, Adam West, and many others. He has also been an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at North Park University in Chicago and Computer Science Institute. 

He created Sales Performance Team after working in a Private Equity backed company GKIC-Magnetic Marketing that focused on brining marketing and Direct Response advertising and Sales Education to small businesses and entrepreneurs. There he learned that he could get the marketing right for most companies, but they all struggled with sales and managing sales teams.

Nick brings his passion for sales, marketing, small business, and entrepreneurship to his work every day.

Click Here to  Get our free “The Path to Guaranteed Growth” to discover our framework for sales growth.

Our Services

Sales Bootcamps & Coaching Program

Want to learn in a workshop or group setting environment from folks that actually sell for a living every day?

Sales War Room Strategy & Consulting

Here, we process map your customer's journey looking for constraints that are slowing slow done you sales process and time to win a deal.

Outsourced Sales Force

Need to launch fast, thinking about bringing a new product to market but don't have the time to ramp up your sales team?

Sales Coaching

Everyone wants to be coached for success, but sales leaders don't have time and therefore don't get to the most important driver of sales success,…


We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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